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If you’re looking to blaze around your city in comfort and style, ride to work in the city or ride some trails, the LS7 is certainly the scooter for you.  The LS7 is made from extraordinary parts and components that provide a ride that offers incredible stability. It’s fitted with multiple shock absorbers and a full rubber suspension system that not only makes it safe, but smoother to ride on uneven terrain. MOQ: 2 UNIT

Dual motors,60V 25A

MOQ: 10 units

Dual motors,60V 35A
LG Battery

MOQ: 10 units

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Model  LS7
Range  60KM for 60V,25A, 100KM for 60V,35A
Motor  Dual Drive,1800Wx2
Max Speed  85KPH
Battery  Lithium,60V,25A(35A,LG Battery available)
Tyre Diameter  11 inch
Size  122x38x130CM(LxWxH)
Net Weight  45KG
Max Load Capacity  170KG
Brakes  Front and Rear Oil Brake
Tyre  Front and Rear Air Tyre
Suspension  Front and Rear Rubber Suspension
Lights  Front and Rear Lights
Charger  Smart Lithium battery charger
Charging time  8-12 hours


Fastest Non-racing Scooter

Make your everyday ride seem like a thrilling adventure with the NANROBOT LS7. With 2 x 1800W dual motors that propel a jaw-dropping output of 3600W on dual-drive, the LS7 is undoubtedly in a league of its own.

It blasts a max speed of 55 MPH and a fantastic travel range of 60 miles per charge on its 60V 25Ah battery. Nothing beats the LS7 when it comes to a non-racing scooter’s raw speed. In fact, it is the fastest available non-racing scooter out there.

First-class Ride Quality

Nobody wants to ride a bumpy scooter, especially when going at 55 MPH. That would be not only uncomfortable but also dangerous. Luckily, the LS7 is made with high-grade components and accessories that ensure a smooth and stable ride, even at high speed!

The scooter is fitted with upgraded shock absorbers, a full rubber suspension system and sturdy 11-inch pneumatic off-road tires that make riding a sweet cruise even on rough roads and uneven terrains.


Safety First

The NANROBOT brand does not joke with safety, and the NANROBOT LS7 scooter is no exception. The LS7 features a front and rear NUTT hydraulic braking system that is super responsive and incredibly reliable.

And given its pneumatic off-road tires, the LS7 boasts of a heightened safe riding experience.

Ride in Style and Comfort

Have you been looking for the most stylish, efficient, and of course, exciting way to get around the city as well as go off-roading? Then surely you now know the NANROBOT LS7 scooter was designed just for you!


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  • Warranty
    The support team of Nanrobot is available at your disposal regarding any question or clarification required and we are willing to assist you.
    1 month: voltage lock, display, front & tail light, on-off switch, controller.
    3 months: brake discs, brake levers, charger.
    6 months: handlebar, folding mechanism, springs/shocks, rear wheel fork, folding buckle, battery, motor (motor wire issues not included).
    The Nanrobot warranty does not cover:
    1.Conditions, malfunctions or damage caused by incorrect usage, maintenance or adjustment as advised in the user manual;
    2.Conditions, malfunctions or damage caused by or during the time that a user is under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other mind altering influences;
    3.Conditions, malfunctions or damage caused by acts of nature;
    4.Conditions, malfunctions or damage caused by or as a result of the customer self-modifying;
    5. decomposing or destroying the parts without prior authority from the manufacturer;
    6.Conditions, malfunctions or damage caused by the use of non-original parts or unauthorised circuit and configuration change;
    7. Fractures/raptures or loss of plastic parts inclusive of the choke, charging port, handlebar switches and plastic flaps;
    8.Any utilization intended for commercial needs, rental competitions and freights towing;
    9.The utilization of components that were not supplied by the manufacturer (non-genuine parts).
    We have three warehouses in the United States, Europe and Canada.
    USA: California & Maryland (Free shipping in continental US)
    Europe: The Czech Republic (Free shipping in these countries: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Hrvatska/Croatia, Republic of Sierra Leone, Sweden, Austria, Slovakia, Ireland, Hungary, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvijas, Estonia)
    Canada: Richmond BC (Free shipping in continental Canada)

    Research and development on electric scooter and scooter component for years.
    High quality and performance E-scooter with:
    Single and dual motor, Eco and Turbo mode are freely combination
    Front and rear hydraulic spring suspension increase off-road riding comfort
    EBS(Electric braking system) and hydraulic brake provides high- strength safety
    Perfect size, easy to storage
    Our service:
    OEM and customization are provided
    Provide excellent after-sells services, and immediately attention on inquiry
    Provide professional suggestion of modification and resolution for electric scooter from technical team
    Provide customize and logo design for electric scooter by designing team
    Provide recommendation of spare part and accessories which is suitable for electric scooter by purchase team

    1. What services can Nanrobot provide? What is the MOQ?
    We provide ODM and OEM services, but we have a minimum order quantity requirement for these two services. And for European countries, we can provide drop shipping services. The MOQ for a drop shipping service is 1 set.

    2.If the customer places an order, how long will it take to ship the goods?
    Different types of orders have different delivery times. If it is a sample order, it will be shipped within 7 days; if it is a bulk order, the shipment will be completed within 30 days. If there are special circumstances, it may affect the delivery time.

    3.How often does it take to develop a new product? How to obtain new product information?
    We has been committed to the research and development of different types of electric scooters for many years. It is about a quarter to launch a new electric scooter, and 3-4 models will be launched a year. You can continue to follow our website, or leave contact information, when new products are launched, we will update the product list to you.

    4.Who will deal with warranty and customer service in case it has issue?
    The warranty terms can be viewed on the Warranty & Warehouse.
    We can help deal with after-sales and warranty that meet the conditions, but customer service needs you to contact.

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