Top 10 things to love about LS7+

The LS7+ electric scooter is Nanrobot’s newest, high performance(Aluminum alloy + forging), flagship fast E scooter. The Nanrobot LS7 plus dual 2400-watt hub brushless motors, (Rated power 2400w, peak 5600w Top configuration 72V) steering damper, RGB controllable lights, huge deck, and massive 60V(72V) 40Ah lithium battery. Max speed: 90-105km/h. Truth be told,LS7+ is currently the leader in the electric scooter market. This model is an indispensable outdoor riding toy for high-end players!
Top 10 Things to Love About the Nanrobot LS7+ Escooter
1. Color Display2. Massive Deck 3. 11 inches by 4-inch off-roading tires4. Controllable RGB Lights on deck, neck and stem5. Steering damper 6. Ultra-fast
7. Keyed entry 8. Motors and offroad tire sound 9. Thick stem 10. Tall handlebar from deck height
Nanrobot LS7+ Lights:
Nanrobot scooters are equipping their newest escooters with controllable RGB lights. The lights are controlled with a separate remote that is thin and small so it won’t take up too much room in your backpack or pocket With the remote you can change the lights to the color settings that you prefer. Many electric scooters are now starting to put RGB lights in the stem, neck and deck.
2022 The most fashionable exclusive Nanrobot LS7+ customized large color display
The Nanrobot LS7+ has a good-looking color screen that displays all the information you need and is easy to can be show speed, time, lithium battery and ect. The scooter highlights three speed gears: 30km/h for Gear 1, 70km/h for Gear 2, and 90km/h for Gear 3. With these gears, Will bring you unprecedented speed and passion
Super powerful dual motor Nanrobot LS7+ electric scooter
The notable inclusion of the LS7+ is its high-power brushless dual motors. Each motor is 2400 watts, summing up to 4800 watts in one scooter. Of course, this should tell you of the high-performance capacity it possesses. Adding to the LS7+’s spectacular spec is its maximum speed of up to 110km/h (Speed may vary depending on rider weight and road conditions to reach 110km/h). If you’re up for the thrill, then this beast is here to serve you. The scooter’s dual mode provides a low-speed short-distance range for typical trips and a high-speed, long-distance range for longer trips. Its 40Ah lithium battery ensures that you don’t run out of power even on long-distance journeys.
Steering damper of high quality of LS 7+ Nanrobot e scooter
As most of our users reported preferring the steering damper, the new LS7+ adopts the steering damper. With this feature upgrade, you’ll now have more control of your steering with stable acceleration even at high speeds.
side light with logo on LS7+ Nanrobot e scooter
The coolest side lights of electric scooters, allowing riders to ride safely at night, cool and colorful, the side lights can be operated with a remote control to achieve a variety of colors adjustable.
The Nanrobot LS7+ Deck is Spacious!
The deck on the Nanrobot LS7+ is massive, measuring at 11.5 inches wide by 25.5 inches long. On top of the massive deck, there is a perfectly placed kick plate that is 7 inches long to make the deck even roomier.
When going on long scooter rides with the LS7+, the massive deck allows you to change up your feet positioning making the ride so much more comfortable.

Post time: May-13-2022